Why Not Duplicate a Human Brain Completely Identical and then Hook It Up to the Actual?

There has been a lot of talk about uploading a brain to a substrate, and many futurists now predict that by 2035, or 2045 human sciences will have accomplish this task. Indeed, as the coordinator for a think tank, I hesitate to make any predictions of when, but it appears to me that eventually it will occur. If you have a few moments I would like to talk about how this might actually come into fruition, and pose another question that I have yet to find asked.

You see, if we are going to upload the brain to a substrate, we are going to have to create a neural network to download all the thoughts of the brain. This will not be so easy because the brain is so complex, and one rather well-known philosopher once said; "the human brain is as complex as the universe." That may be so, but luckily with our supercomputers, artificial intelligence, and computer science work, we are going to someday reach that computational ability.

Okay so, here's my question; Why Not Duplicate a Human Brain Completely Identical and then Hook It Up to the Actual? Consider if you will that the first computer brain platform might be a computer set up as a neural network, which has duplicated and replicated the exact neural network of a given human mind. Once the human mind has a way to transfer the data into ones and zeros, and into that substrate, who is to say that the brain won't automatically copy itself onto the secondary platform - merely by providing stimulation of all parts of both through a sequencing method?

What if we took a brain, and hooked it up to another organic brain, and what if that brain was perfectly symmetrical in all aspects? Would the first brain encode itself onto the second provided that no other information was stored there as of yet - and this has applications for future stem-cell brain growth and transplanting.

Okay another question; If you hooked up two human brains to each other, both already in use, would you get a dual sense of self such as a schizophrenic situation, or would they merge together as one consciousness? The reality is we don't know the answers to all these questions, but we think we might.

It might be nice to have an add-on brain, and perhaps an add on substrate could be placed somewhere inside the body cavity in an enclosure. This would increase the storage capacity perhaps, or the organic brain would start duplicating itself onto the storage device or add on substrate. In any case, these are some additional questions we need to be asking, so I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Article Source: Lance Winslow

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