Vermicomposting: A Solution to Eradicate Garbage in Your Surroundings

Everyone of us must learn how to extend our care to our Mother nature. I really wanted to help Mother Earth by way of having an information drive campaign not to burn our garbage, as there are so many ways to make those useful by way of recycling them. For the biodegradables, vermicomposting is best suggested, as we generate income from it, plus we help minimize the bulk dump of garbage anywhere. Let us put trash into cash, at the same time, we save lives in the present and future generations.

Vermicomposting. Vermi means "worms", composting means the decomposition of the biodegradables. When I learned vermicomposting in 2007, I really had a hard time with it in the beginning, but later on, with the help of my students, we made a good start. Patience and proper management are the best tools in this work.

The process is so easy. Prepare a soil bed, place all the biodegradable materials like leaves, vegetable and fruit peelings, paper, twigs and others. Place the worms in the soil bed with the biodegradable materials except left overs as these are harmful to the worms and these are inviting to the ants and ants are the enemies of worms. Worms must be taken cared of as without them, vermicomposting would not be possible. With the presence of worms, rate of decomposition is faster. In three months time, the worms were multiplied eight times the number of worms placed in the soil bed.

The decomposed materials with the worms' waste called "vermicast", are now the end product called "worm fertilizers".

This worm fertilizer is a good and natural fertilizer for the plants and is recommended for farmers to use, in lieu of the chemical fertilizers which can be harmful to one's health.

We generate income out from it since this worm fertilizer can be sold in the market and at the same time, we help cleanliness and save mother earth.

Encourage your children, and all of the family members to be an enthusiast in vermicomposting. Earn money while at home, at the same time, you help our Mother Earth. If you also love raising flowers and any other ornamental plants, you need not buy any fertilizers buy so doing, and the dry leaves of your plants can be used in vermicomposting. An appeal to everyone, help support in saving mother earth. Join the vermicomposting now, and be part of the movement!

Article Source: Evelyn E. Alfeche

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